Webpage of Foam!

It's soft, it's squishy, it tastes so strong and fishy. Foam! Do you want some? Read all the great things about foam!

It's mushy!

It's marshmallowy!

After you squish it it returns to its original shape!

You can lean on it and it won't complain!

Easily adjusts and fits into all kinds of orifices!

It absorbs things!

It tickles!

It's comfy!

It adjusts to the shape of your body!

It's good for your tailbone!

When you drop it it doesn't make a sound!

You can't hurt anyone with it!

No calories!

It's sexy!

You can drop it out of a window and you won't get arrested for manslaughter!

Keeps things from scratching other things!

You can blow your nose with it!

Makes a good friend!