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To make light of philosophy is to be a true philosopher. -- Blaise Pascal
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Squibbed! Squibbed? A squib is a short and witty or sarcastic saying or writing. Or in journalism a short news story, often used as a filler. Satirist Robert H. Sarkissian tries his best to be short and witty in various forms: fake news stories, interviews, commentaries, and novels. Yes, novels. The kind that fit on one page, and with very serious titles such as: "Eat the Veggies: A Novel About Sex, Power, and Brussels Sprouts" , "Forensic Crime Scene Special Pathology Task Force Homicide And Gruesome Accidental Suicide Unit (FCSSPTF-HGASU): Miami " , "Murder In A Small Town: A Story About A Murder In A Small Town". Or you can sing along with some of the oddest songs ever written, such as: "The 14th Century Antiwar Protest Marching Song" , "The Zingian National Anthem" , "Waiter, There s A Phenomenologist In My Soup". If you ever wondered about the research activities of ballroom-dancing existential psychologists, or wanted to read an interview with a literature professor whose colleague was abducted by aliens who like aromatherapy, or wondered what Friedrich Nietzsche wrote after he went insane, or even wanted to learn more about Hans Dolph Nilsson, the world's oldest diplomat (1526 - ), then this book is for you.

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