A manly Form; a bold, yet modest mind;
Sincere, tho' prudent; constant, yet resign'd;
Honour unchang'd; a Principle profest;
Fix'd to one side, but mod'rate to the rest;
An honest Courtier, and a Patriot too;
Just to his Prince, and to his Country true:
All these were join'd in one, yet fail'd to save
The Wise, the Learn'd, the Virtuous, and the Brave;
Lost, like the common Plunder of the Grave!
Ye Few, whom better Genius does inspire,
Exalted Souls, inform'd with purer Fire!
Go now, learn all vast Science can impart;
Go fathom Nature, take the Heights of Art!
Rise higher yet: learn ev'n yourselves to know;
Nay, to yourselves alone that knowledge owe.
Then, when you seem above mankind to soar,
Look on this marble, and be vain no more!

Ode on Solitude
On a Lady who P---st at the Tragedy of Cato

Alexander Pope